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Committed to promoting economic health and prosperity.

This includes activities to support businesses, communities, and citizens such that they all can thrive. The PCEDC is passionate about advocating for key issues that help them achieve their goals.

Polk County businesses have a long history of success.  As more business owners and entrepreneurs experience success they need more employees to grow their business.  Polk County EDC recognizes the growing demand for workers and is committed to achieving a ‘smart’ growth of workers and their families.

Polk County EDC is spearheading a ‘workforce marketing campaign’ to highlight the many benefits of living, playing and working in Polk County.  Our location near the Twin Cities metro area along with the recreational, educational, health care, and cost-of-living benefits make it an ideal place for a family to locate.  Job and career opportunities are plentiful, and the quality of life is ideal for many.  Increasing awareness of the things in Polk County that make it a great place to put down roots is a valuable cause that we at the PCEDC support.

Communities across the country are experiencing housing shortages.  This is compounded by the rising cost of construction and the changing preferences and needs of the consumer.  In Polk County, the PCEDC is taking positive steps to address this issue head-on.  In 2019, along with the Western Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and the University of Wisconsin River Falls, we initiated a county-wide housing study.

The study is designed and intended to understand specific housing needs and opportunities in each community.  With this information, civic leaders and housing developers can prioritize and coordinate strategies to generate the type and amount of housing that is most appropriate and useful to their citizens and customers.

This focus on housing will also address the housing needs of our workforce.  As businesses in Polk County grow, the number of available homes must also grow.  Increasing the volume and types of housing in Polk County will benefit citizens of all ages and businesses of all types.

Access to high-speed internet is becoming increasingly important.  Nowhere is this more evident than in rural areas where businesses, students, and telecommuters need access to information and people in rapid fashion.  Broadband is allowing businesses and families to locate where they want to live and still succeed.

Polk County EDC has been advocating for the expansion of broadband throughout all corners of the county.   Through teamwork with internet service providers, county and local governments, and citizens, fiber optic cable used for increased bandwidth is rapidly expanding throughout the area.  Improved ordinances and permit requirements along with State grants has resulted in a surge of new broadband projects.

Polk County and its internet service providers have been leaders in delivering broadband to its citizens and customers.  In fact, Polk County has been recognized by the State of Wisconsin as one of the first counties to be certified for both ‘Broadband Forward!’ and ‘Telecommuter Forward!’  And the momentum to expand high-speed internet to every household and business continues today.

The PCEDC actively monitors and analyzes issues and public policies that affect our lives and livelihood in Polk County.  It is our responsibility to share our thoughts and perspectives with our elected politicians to ensure that our voices are heard.  In addition to letters and phone calls, once a year we join with other counties of western Wisconsin and travel to Madison to share our perspectives with the legislature.  We focus on any issues that pertain to economic development, infrastructure, workforce, tourism, and more.

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