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Exciting Times Ahead for Polk County

Vince Netherland

It was the year 2000 when we began visiting Polk County.  Soon afterwards, LuAnn and I purchased a piece of land and slowly began building a place for our family and friends to visit on weekends.  I can still recall the anticipation that would build inside of me throughout the week for each upcoming trek to the lake.

A few years ago, we decided to live full-time in Polk County.  Initially, we thought it would be a great place to ‘shift gears’ or ‘slow down.’  We soon discovered, however, that nothing could be further from the truth.  Any shift in gears was only higher and our change in speed was faster.

Now, we laugh at how we are working harder than ever before but enjoying every minute of it.  We discovered that working hard and being happy can go hand-in-hand when you feel a sense of belonging or one of making a contribution to more than ourselves.  Polk County has opened her arms to us, and we have gladly engaged with everyone who calls this place home and wishes to make it better.

Maybe the best thing that has happed to me was being given the opportunity to lead the Polk County Economic Development Corporation…the best job I’ve ever held!  Through it, I have met people from every corner of the county.  They included business owners, schoolteachers, government representatives, and parents.  A couple of things they all have in common is that they want to be successful and they want to help others succeed.  Working with all of these people made my job fun and rewarding.

This will be my last ‘Blog’ as the PCEDC Executive Director.  I am taking another position with the county government that will enable me to continue the journey with my Polk County family.  I will miss my work with the PCEDC but am eager to work with a greater number of residents, officials, and county employees in my new position as County Administrator.

My belief in the future of this county could not be higher.  One reason is because I know that there are other people, good people, currently getting excited about their upcoming weekend visit to our area, just like LuAnn and I did a couple of decades back.  They will feel what we felt and may even decide to put down roots and experience the greatness of living, working, and playing in Polk County.  

Between the families whose generations have built our communities from the ground up and the new families that will move here, an exciting future lies ahead.


The Polk County Economic Development Corporation is a public-private organization that was created to encourage and promote economic development and capital investment, create and retain quality jobs, enhance the tax base and facilitate positive sustainable growth throughout Polk County, Wisconsin.

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