Goals and Objectives

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Polk County Economic Development Corporation Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the Polk County Economic Development Corporation is to encourage and promote Economic Development and capital investment in Polk County in order to create and retain attractive jobs, enhance our community’s tax base, and facilitate positive sustainable economic growth.


  • Building Relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Promotion
  • Support
  • Integrity
  • Organizational Sustainability

I. Promote local business expansion opportunities to Polk County’s existing industry and businesses

  • Provide information on state and federal programs available for local business expansion
  • Be a conduit of information sharing between businesses
  • Build productive and collaborative relationships with existing businesses
  • Improve interactions with businesses

II. Facilitate new business recruitment

  • Work with Momentum West to promote Polk County to business prospects
  • Provide timely information to all area Economic Development Corporations (EDC’s) municipalities regarding prospective businesses
  • Assist area EDC’s municipalities with additional business development needs

III. Communicate and promote the benefits of Polk County

  • Identify strengths and the unique benefits of doing business in Polk County
  • Work with municipalities to create inventory of land and building sites available throughout the County
  • Update and maintain the EDC website to market Polk County opportunities
  • Collaborate with Polk County Information Center when possible

IV. Resource for economic development funding opportunities

  • Communicate state and federal loan programs available
  • Provide links to access State and Regional financing opportunities

V. Promotion
Promote education, training, employment opportunities available to local businesses in the county including  technical college training, workforce resource center, etc. to assist in securing  skilled labor force for area businesses.  Also serve as an advocate for enhanced workforce development

VI. Communicate and promote EDC efforts to Polk County EDC stakeholders

  • Communicate regularly with:
    • Local businesses
    • Civic organizations
    • Local elected officials/EDC/s
    • County officials
    • Media
    • State officials
  • Coordinate and lead annual meeting of EDC
  • Prepare an annual report
  • Develop recognition program to promote existing businesses in our County

VII.  Participate in regional economic development organizations and planning activities

  • Serve as a resource to Polk County board on economic development policy

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